Inspiring Photography.

Macphun Team is passionate about photography and is inspired by everyone who takes pictures.
We create award-winning photo apps for Mac, iPad & iPhone. With over 20 million users around
the Globe, Macphun has something to offer digital artists of all skill levels & preferences.

Creative Kit Plus

Enhance details • Remove unwanted objects • Add creative blur
Includes Intensify Pro, Snapheal Pro and Focus 2 Pro

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#1 choice for hobbyists and enthusiasts to take
their photography to a whole new level. Learn more

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  • FX Photo Studio

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  • Focus 2

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  • ColorStrokes

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  • JPEGmini


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Bonus! Sal Cincotta’s ”Urban Grit“ presets for
Intensify Pro, absolutely free!


When it comes to Mac applications to enhance digital photography, Macphun Software is quickly becoming the Adobe for a new generation of shutterbugs.

J.R. Bookwalter,
MacLife contributor about Macphun Software

Intensify gives me the precise control I need to deliver world-class imagery to my clients.

Urs Buhlman,
4 times winner of Australian Commercial Photographer of the Year Award, about Intensify

I have been impressed with Intensify, and I think the photographer who wants more out of his images without a large expenditure for software will like what Intensify achieves.

Lucas Gilman,
Nikon Ambassador in USA, world-class adventure photographer and filmmaker, about Intensify

Snapheal clicks with fewer filters, more magic. Its insight is that all of us want to be photo editors. Now we can be.

David Zax,
FastCompany contributor about Snapheal

Intensify: Reveal the hidden beauty

Choose from scores of pro presets or use powerful controls to reveal the level of details never seen before in digital
photography. Intensify is a #1 choice for photographers who want to create stunning images
with unprecedented clarity, detail and drama. Learn more about Intensify.

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Snapheal: remove imperfections & fix photos

Powered by proprietary technologies, Snapheal helps you remove unwanted objects and people,
heal skin imperfections and even fix old scanned photos. Picked among 2012 Best Mac App Store apps,
Snapheal is the world's most advanced image healing software. Learn more about Snapheal.

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FX Photo Studio: Artistic powerhouse

With a click or two, Fx Photo Studio turns your photo into a vintage masterpiece,
a hipster style snap, a futuristic 3-D shot, an oil painting, sketch, comics, dramatic color splash,
grainy monochrome shot and more. Check Fx Photo Studio.

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Focus 2: highlight the most important subject

Perfect app to enhance portraits, landscapes and macro shots; turn ordinary photos into stunning miniatures,
add more depth and action. With custom aperture setting and powerful controls, Focus 2
takes creative blurring to a whole new level. Learn more about Focus 2.

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ColorStrokes: selective coloring with a new twist

Mix and play with colors in all possible ways. ColorStrokes brings tons of artistic tools
for hassle-free color splashing, including possibility to apply custom colors, change background to sepia,
separately enhance background and foreground, and more. Check ColorStrokes.

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