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iPhone and iPad Apps

  • FX Photo Studio Award-winning photo app, featuring one of the best collections of photography effects, available on iPhone and iPod touch $2.99 Get it

  • FX Photo Studio HD Enhanced for both iPad and iPad mini, Fx Photo Studio HD brings all the powers of Fx Photo Studio for Mac to your favourite tablet. Plus a number of iPad exclusive features. $4.99 Get it

  • ColorStrokes Mix and play with colors on your iPhone photos. ColorStrokes brings you a set of handy tools to create color splash images with a new creative twist. $0.99 Get it

  • ColorStrokes HD iPad version of ColorStrokes with same cool features as Mac app, including possibility to draw with new colors, dramatic effects, photo adjust tools and social sharing. $4.99 Get it

  • Cartoonatic Award-winning app that turns your videos into hilarious cartoons. You can add music, speed up the video and instantly share to social networks. Preview effects live and even take pics in cartoon style. Free Get it

  • Doodle Cam Similar to Cartoonatic, but with authentic doodle filters that make your videos funnier and even more interesting. Preview doodle effects while recording videos and even switch between effects while recording. Free Get it

  • Vintagio Easily create retro videos with authentic filters, title cards, transitions and more. Filters represent different movie eras from 20s to 80s and video editing tools let you get truly impressive results. $2.99 Get it

  • Perfect Photo 22 simple and powerful tools to help you fix and enhance images. You can easily remove red eye effect, make the image more sharp or simply tune the lights. Perfect Photo is the app for that. $0.99 Get it

  • Photo Pal Handy iPad app to edit and enhance photos on the go. Photo Pal was created specifically for beginners in photography, who don't know much about photo editing, but want to get the most from their photos. $4.99 Get it

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