The most advanced image
healing software for mac

Snapheal magically removes unwanted objects and people from your photos, heals skin
imperfections and even restores old scanned images.

Fx Photo Studio

The new level of your photo creativity
Higher than you could imagine

Take advantage of over 200 high-quality photo effects and borders to easily turn photos
into vintage masterpieces, groovy lo-fi snap, futuristic 3-D shot, pencil sketch and more

Focus 2

The easiest way to highlight
the most important objects on your photos

Use preconfigured presets or custom blur controls to enhance portraits, landscapes
and macro shots; turn photos into stunning miniatures or simply boost the colors.

Color Strokes

The world’s most popular
color editor for Mac OS

Turn your raw images into color bursting sensations; add new tons, selectively modify
monochrome and color layers and even dramatize the snaps with special effects

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"Snapheal Performs Complex Photo Touch Ups and Object Removals in Two Clicks"

  • "Snapheal Performs Complex Photo Touch Ups and Object Removals in Two Clicks"

  • "Focus 2 is a great app for photographers who want to easily add bokeh (depth of field), tilt-shift effects, or vignette to their images.
    It's also great for enhancing macro images and portraits. For this price you can't go wrong"

  • "Fx Photo Studio comes jam-packed with filters. We’re talking high-quality stuff, not the crippled filters you often find in many other
    photo editing applications. The ability to save multiple effect combos as presets is a winner"

  • "Snapheal is the perfect app for anyone who wants to make good-looking edits simply, cheaply, and in the least amount of time;
    the app grandpa should use for quickly editing images to send to the rest of the family"

  • "Focus includes a host of effects traditionally
    accomplished using expensive camera lenses and
    complicated software"

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