Shoot and Edit Fireworks Like a Boss!

Fireworks are exciting and happen on a truly grand scale, often hundreds of feet above our heads. Launching skyward at night with great speed, photos of fireworks are super fun to capture, but also one of the most difficult subjects to photograph well.

This year, Macphun and the educational community of  Photofocus have teamed up to create this free video on shooting epic fireworks photos. Watch below as Rich Harrington, co-founder of Photofocus, walks you through practical gear choices, setting up on location, critical camera settings and of course shooting techniques. You’ll learn how to capture fireworks photos, and have fun doing it!

How to Photograph Fireworks, Part #1

Of course, the best fireworks photos rarely come from simply pressing the shutter button. They require a bit of developing in the “digital darkroom” too! And that’s where such Macphun software as  Intensify and Noiseless can come in handy.

Edit your photos like a boss.

Get Creative Kit with a special discount →

To help you make fantastic fireworks photos, we also put together a  cool special offer on our Creative Kit — which includes Intensify and Noiseless, plus 6 additional apps — for just $99!

You also get Part #2 of Rich’s "How to Photograph Fireworks" video and an exclusive set of 11 one-click presets developed by Rich for this series. The two videos contain over 40 minutes of excellent, easy-to-understand instruction. In all, the package is valued at over $400, giving you 75% savings!

Learn more and take advantage of this crazy fireworks offer today!  Click here to buy before the fireworks start!

BONUS: Rich and the folks at Photofocus have also put together this handy infographic & reference guide!  Download the printable version here.

All images below ©Richard Harrington, Photofocus

Richard Harrington, Photofocus - Fireworks

Richard Harrington, Photofocus - Great fireworks

Richard Harrington, Photofocus - How to shoot fireworks

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