Best Lightroom Plugins in 2017

Lightroom is a multi-image processor. It provides a full cycle of quick importing, sorting and storing, creation of photo books, slideshows and albums, exporting collections with different settings and variable batch processing. And most importantly, Lightroom needs to work with a great number of images. 

It is optimized to batch processing when we do not work with a single picture, but with tens, hundreds and even thousands. And while there are some great  Lightroom alternatives, many photographers use it with third-party plugins for fast and multi-purpose editing. What are the best Adobe Lightroom plugins?

Here is a shortlist of Macphun apps, which can be used as Lightroom plugins or standalone apps:

Creative Kit

  • Tonality - sophisticated black and white convertor with dozens of presets and fine adjustments;
  • Intensify - photo enhancement app, which can be used to add drama, increase clarity and contrast on your pictures;
  • Focus - with this plugin you can imitate bokeh, tilt shift and other blur and lens effects.
  • Noiseless - powerful and effective app for reducing digital noise on your photos;
  • FX Photo Studio - simple and easy to use with more than 170 photo effects and filters to your disposal;
  • Snapheal - with this app you can easily remove any unwanted objects from your image;

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  • Luminar - most complete photo editor for Mac, with a lot of features like Raw processing, layers, masks, presets, filters etc.

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Aurora HDR 2017

  • Aurora HDR - advanced HDR editor, able to create HDR image from bracket photos, RAW, tone mapping, effect masking, etc.

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Best Lightroom Plugins for Photographers

The best means something that stands out among others thanks to some specific and unique features. What is Lightroom best for? Here’s the list of its main specs:

  • Storing and arranging your photo libraries
  • Develop Mode for basic editing
  • Map lets you drag the photos onto the map and set their location
  • Book Mode. Its name speaks for itself
  • Slideshow Mode for making collections or presentations
  • Printing photos with several adjustments
  • Creating web galleries

Why do we need plugins then? LR is a great app, but only for the above mentioned tasks. When we are talking about plugins, the best means the one providing advanced and easy tools for editing. They expand the performance of Lightroom without interfering in its work. You use Lightroom as usual. Your workflow runs smooth. Best plugins (Lightroom) act as additional controls and features for making your work more productive.

Best Lightroom Plugin for Black & White Photos

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Tonality reveals lines and shapes. It emphasizes on structure, light and shadows. This plugin is the perfect choice for you to express emotions and impressions. It is better to choose high contrast scenes. Take color photos with your camera to retain maximum data for further processing. Set the lowest ISO for less noise.

If you shoot a high contrast scene, the result will be great right after launching the plugin. If not, you can add more structure, contrast and  enhance photo details to make it look fantastic. Select one of presets or make adjustments manually. Perfect result in no time. Your imagination is the only limit with Tonality.

Lightroom Plugin for Black & White Photos

Best Plugin for Enhancing Hidden Details

Check out this article to understand how to install Intensify plugin in Lightroom, and use this link to get 10% discount for Intensify:

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Intensify adds drama and feelings. It adds colors and impressions. It is a great choice for recreating true colors and structure of your photo. You can choose any type of scene. Even if your camera takes dull and plain images, you will see great changes with the help of a plugin.

Use side-by-side comparison for viewing your changes. Seven groups of presets are designed for specific types of scenes. However, you can adjust them to any photo that you think will look great with them. Select Architecture, Black & White, Creative, Detail Enhancement, Image Tune, or Soft for ultimate editing performance.

Lightroom Plugin for Enhancing Hidden Details

Best Plugin to Focus on Essential

Check out this article to understand how to install Focus plugin in Lightroom, and use this link to get 10% discount for Focus:

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Focus provides powerful lens and blur filters. Five presets are available with only one click: Portrait, Nature, Architecture, Macro and Tilt-Shift. You can make custom effects by adjusting Masking, Blur details, Motion amount and Focus details. You can use any photo of any file format.

You are free to change the radius of lens and blur effects. Drag the central green point to the place that should be sharp. Depending on the type of a preset, you will see different blurring from soft near the center to hard near the image borders.

Lightroom Plugin to Focus on Essential

Best Plugin for Removing Digital Noise

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Noiseless relieves the picture from grainy fields of randomly colored pixels. Camera sensor captures surrounding objects with presence of digital noise. It is hardly visible on a little screen of your phone or camera, but it is clearly visible when you zoom it. Noiseless enlarges the photo to 200% giving you side-by-side comparison.

True colors will be recreated and the angles will remain sharp. You can adjust the level of denoise from soft to extreme. You will probably need the Extreme effect for night photos and soft for photos taken on a bright day.

Lightroom Plugin for Removing Digital Noise

Best Plugin for One-Click Editing

Check out this article to understand how to install FX Photo Studio plugin in Lightroom, and use this link to get 10% discount:

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FX Photo Studio gives you over 200 presets, frames and effects without any complicated adjustments. No matter what photo you have, choose one of the presets at the bottom of the app window. Get the impressive result in no time.

It is an ultimate set of ready tools for both beginners and experts in photography. Batch processing tool gives you the possibility to adjust one preset to hundreds or even thousands of photographs. Save and share them with your friends and all the world.

Lightroom Plugin for One-Click Editing

Best Plugin for Removing Unnecessary Objects

Check out this article to understand how to install Snapheal plugin in Lightroom, and use this link to get 10% discount:

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Erase unnecessary things or people from your photos  with Snapheal. Left click with your mouse, and the magic is done. Highlight the things or living objects you want to remove and click Erase. What could ever be so easy?

You will also find Retouch and Adjust modes for extra functionality. All the tools are available before and erase unwanted elements. Color, contrast, tone, sharpness and many more controls will give you a powerful magic wand to create great pictures with only important elements.

Lightroom Plugin for Removing Unnecessary Objects

Improve Your Workflow with LR Plugins

When a picture is worth a thousand words, it was processed with one of Creative Kit plugins. The whole Creative Kit will accelerate your workflow. They act as additional tools inside Lightroom. Fast and reliable software is developed exclusively for Mac OS. 

Each LR plugin provides editing solutions with a single click. Various manual adjustments are also available. Lightroom together with plugins can be used as the only app for the whole process of editing and storing.

Install Lightroom Plugins: Mac OS Tips

Installation may seem difficult or unclear at first sight.
See the tips and use them for easy and comfortable work.

Download and Installation:

  • Download Creative Kit or a single product
  • Install the application(s)
  • Launch the application(s)
  • In the upper left corner click on the name of the app
  • Click Install Plugins
  • Click Install next to Lightroom
  • Click Done

Editing and Saving:

Variant 1: Launch Lightroom -> File -> Import Photos and Video -> choose the folders -> Click on the photo
-> Choose the app with the mouse right click
Variant 2: File - Plug-in Extras - Transfer to … the app -> Choose What to Edit -> Edit the photo -> Click "Apply"

The Bottom Line

When the job is done, you are in LR again. Go on working with photos as you are used to. Creative Kit plugins save time and give maximum freedom. Express all your ideas.

Life is full of great moments. Take shots wherever you are. Focus on actions. Download Creative Kit and install its apps as Lightroom plugins to make those moments look perfect.


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