Layer Mask and Filter Mask
Layer Mask and Filter Mask

Layer Mask and Filter Mask

Luminar is totally unique in that it supports not only masking on adjustment layers but also something brand new that we call filter masking. Masking on layers applies whatever enhancement you choose to a selective part of the layer using brushes - for instance, brushing in more detail into some buildings on the shore of a canal. This is the very typical example of example that we see with all kinds of "painting" software like Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Pixelmator and more. It's good to know that Luminar can match them! Filter masking on the other hand is even more amazing. It allows you to selectively apply the effects of filters on a single layer, very naturally. Every photographer can look at an image and clearly see what they want to fix. With Filter masking, you would simply select the filter that will do what you want, then brush that effect in. It's a super intuitive way of editing, like nothing that has come before it! Watch the video to see how Pro photographer Jim Nix explains and employs this unique way of editing.If you don’t have a photo editor for your Mac yet, please visit the Luminar page and download a free trial. Or you could get the full version of the software at an affordable price, with access to over 300 great tools and features. Luminar is the world’s first photo editor that adapts to your skill level. Have fun editing with Luminar by Macphun.

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