Learn how to use layers
Learn how to use layers

Learn how to use layers

One of the most powerful features of Luminar are Layers. They give you the ability to "build up" your images by making different edits on each layer, helping to organize and orchestrate your edits. An example for a landscape image might be do some basic exposure, shadow and contrast adjustment on the base layer, then add a layer to boost sky vibrance, then add a layer for selectively enhancing details in certain parts of the image. You get the idea - it's a fun and very useful way to think of editing!The other thing you can do with layers is to bring in an entirely new image, maybe a texture or a completely different image. Using other features like blend modes, opacity levels or masking brushes can yield truly amazing and creative results. This video will introduce layers and get you started on your journey.Visit the Luminar page and download a free trial if you don't have one yet. The full version of the software is very affordable and gives access to over 300 great tools and features. Luminar is the world’s first photo editor that adapts to your skill level. 

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