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Re-Discover Photos
Buried in Your Email


Photo Editing Software for Mac by Macphun  lostphotos

Re-Discover Lost Photos.
Re-Discover the Memories.

All of us have years of emailed photos – to us or from us – lost deep in our inboxes and archives. Lost Photos makes it easy to find any photo you’ve ever sent or received stored in your email account. Once discovered, you can save the photos to the folder on Mac, or share again via social networks. Extremely easy,
secure and fast.

Key Features

Find lost photos in all popular email accounts: icloud.com, yahoo.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com, mac.com, me.com and many others. For the full list of emails supported and more help, check Lost Photos Help Docs.

Import your photos to iPhoto libraries, or save to a specific folder on your Mac. Share the photos instantly via most popular social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

Get more awesomeness with affordable in-app. Lost Photos is free to download and discover 100 photos. To discover unlimited number of images from unlimited number of email accounts, get in-app for as low as $2.99.

100% secure. Lost Photos uses the same high level of encryption as Gmail, Yahoo and other major companies. The app does not collect or store your login information and transmits data to and from email servers using a secure (SSL) connection.

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Macphun  lostphotos

Uploading all of the photos from my inbox was seamless... I discovered photos
I had completely forgotten about, leading to quite the nostalgic afternoon.

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Macphun  lostphotos

As soon as I started the search, I was struck by
memories that I hadn’t dusted off in years.

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Macphun  lostphotos

Lost Photos works well and works fast...
It’s is a fun and useful app.

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Macphun  lostphotos


System & Software Email formats Language Support
  • Mac OS 10.7 and above
  • Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3,
  • Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor
  • 4GB RAM and more
  • All popular IMAP emails, including
    hotmail.com, gmail.com, yahoo.com,
    mac.com and other
  • English
  • More languages are coming soon

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