Split Toning

Create two different colors for the highlights and shadows of your image.

Split toning allows you to add a specific color to your highlights and a different color to the shadows. You can also adjust the saturation for both and for even more precision, there is also a balance slider to give emphasis on one color or the other.

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Filter controls


The overall strength of color toning applied to an image.

Highlights Hue

Scroll through a spectrum of colors to choose the toning of the bright values in a scene.

Highlights Saturation

This increases the intensity of the color in the light area of the image.

Shadow Hue

Scroll through a spectrum of colors to choose the toning of the darker values.

Shadow Saturation

Increase the intensity of the color in the dark areas of the image.


Shifts the balance between what is affected by the Highlights adjustments and the Shadows adjustments of Split Toning.

Laurie Klein

Pro Photographer

Laurie Klein is an accomplished photographer, motivational speaker, educator and spiritual guide who photographs and conducts workshops all over the world. Her roots began when she studied with Ansel Adams.

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