Texture Overlay

Add a texture to your image.

Texture overlay lets you can blend two images together. This can be used for a fine art look, to create vintage-style photos, create double exposures and more. Change the amount of the texture effect, zoom and use blend modes for more options.

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Filter controls

Load Texture

Click the Load Texture button to open a file browser. You’ll be able to choose a texture image on your hard drive. Use a Blending Mode to change how the texture mixes with your image by right clicking on the loaded texture.

Blending Mode

Use a Blending Mode to change how the texture mixes with your image.


Blends the lighter colors of the texture overlay leaving the darks.


Blends the darker colors of the texture overlay leaving the brighter areas.

Soft Light

Gently mixes the texture layer.


A stronger mix of texture and photo.


Use the Amount slider to control how the image lightens or darkens based upon the texture layer.

Tony Sweet

Pro Photographer

Tony is a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens and 25 year professional photographer, author, software trainer, and co-owner with Susan Milestone of Tony Sweet Photography, Inc. His work appears in every medium worldwide and is an in-demand speaker at photography events throughout the United States and Canada.

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