Top & Bottom Lighting

Flexibly adjust the lighting of your photo using transition-style effects.

This filter is widely used in landscape and architecture photography where horizons are distinct. Use it to easily adjust the lighting for the top and bottom parts of your image. Lower the brightness of the sky. Raise the brightness of the foreground. Improve the look of your image without layers and masking.

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Filter controls


Controls the brightness of the top of the image. Moving the slider to the left will make it darker and to the right brighter.


Controls the brightness of the bottom of the image. Moving the slider to the left will make it darker and to the right brighter.


The transition between the Top & Bottom. Moving the slider to the right will increase the Blend value, making the transition between the values of Top to Bottom wider. Moving the slider more to the left will decrease the blend value creating a sharp transition between Top and Bottom.


Using this slider will adjust the vertical location of the transition zone between Top and Bottom in the photo.


Moving this slider rotates the transition zone.

Tim Grey

Pro Photographer

Tim Grey travels extensively, creating memories and capturing photos along the way. He teaches photographers at every stop, having authored eighteen books, published over one hundred video training courses, written hundreds of magazine articles, and spoken at numerous events around the world.

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