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Tab support in Luminar on Mac OS 10.12 (or newer) allows you to open multiple photos in a single Luminar window. These photos will appear in different tabs located at the top of your screen.

Follow the instructions below in order to open multiple photos within a single window in Luminar:

1. First, launch Luminar.

2. Click on the Open Image button, select your first photo and click the Open button in the lower-right corner of the dialog box.

3. After the photo is loaded into Luminar, go to the Top Tool Bar and choose View > Show Tab.

4. This will place the image in a Tab that features the name of your picture.

5. Click on the “+” symbol to the right side of the Tab and choose another photo. Click the Open button again.

6. Two photos are now open, each in their own Tab. You can then open additional photos or work on each image by clicking on their respective tab.

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