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From sassy cats to sweet-faced pups to slithering snakes – we want to see photos of all things pets! Share your snap. And tell their story.

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The Brief

We’ve collaborated with Petcube to launch a contest all about the life of your pets and the stories that give them their personalities. We want to know what your cat eats for dinner, what your dog wears on a chilly walk, and where your horse stands to sleep at night. Bring us into their world and show us their surroundings.

What does a day in their lives look like?

Maybe they have a special relationship with a neighborhood bunny. Maybe they like to hide in your shoes. Or try on your sunglasses. Maybe they climb way up high into the palm trees in your backyard or into your suitcase before you leave to travel.

Whatever speaks to who they are – take that shot. Then share it with us alongside their story. 3 lucky winners will receive Petcube Play, an interactive pet camera that lets you see, talk to, and play with your pet from your smartphone when you’re not around!

The Terms

  • 3 winners will get their very own Petcube Play
  • The contest runs between 05/26/17 - 07/15/17
  • You should own the rights to the photos submitted
  • Only the photos with a short story about your pet will be accepted
  • By submitting your photos to this contest, you allow Macphun to feature your photos on, as well as in the Macphun newsletters and social media
  • Not every photo is guaranteed to be featured
  • The winners will be chosen by the Macphun Team
  • Winners will be announced on the Macphun Facebook page as well as on the contest page
  • Winners will be announced 5 days after the contest end date.

The Prizes

3 Lucky Winners: Petcube Play Pet Camera

Featured Submissions

By Luisa Hotz

By Don Chudzy

By Byron West

By John Kristoffersen

By Michael Pittman

By Jamie Adkins

By Nicolas Venot

By melanie smart

By Frank Grace

By Harrij Mensinga

By Jonathan Goody

By Cindy Parker

By Philip Veater

By Barbara Naimark

By Tammy Lynn

By Saulo Mendez

By Aliah Jan

By MaryAnn Williams

By Sheila Goldberg

By John Running

By Carl van der Feer

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