How-to replace sky
How-to replace sky

How-to replace sky

A dramatic sky can make up over 50% of a photo. That's why a lot of photographers spend hours waiting for the perfect sky tone, clouds and structure. This video about Luminar by professional photographer Jim Nix explains how to quickly add a new sky to your photo, using layers and the masking tool.To add a new sky to the photo, you'll need an additional image overlay with a sky you really like. You'll then add another layer and use masking tools to set the proper orientation of the sky. With a tool like Luminar you can be extremely creative and use a variety of stock sky overlays or, of course, your own sky photos to dramatically change the look of your images. Even if the clouds were not perfect in your original photos, Luminar will help you make them stunning in a matter of minutes. If you don’t have a photo editor for your Mac yet, please visit the Luminar page and download a free trial. Or you could get the full version of the software at an affordable price, with access to over 300 great tools and features. Luminar is the world’s first photo editor that adapts to your skill level. Have fun editing with Luminar by Macphun.

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