Macphun LIVE with Jim Nix, Travel Photographer
Macphun LIVE with Jim Nix, Travel Photographer

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Macphun LIVE with Jim Nix, Travel Photographer

In this Macphun LIVE video, Kevin La Rue (Vice President of Macphun) and AD wheeler (Host of The Explorapher) welcome Jim Nix of Nomadic Pursuits to Macphun LIVE. They discuss Macphun’s exciting Window’s announcements and catch up before diving into three specific photos from Jim’s travels. Travel to an island in the Caribbean with crystal clear waters where Jim demonstrates his Moveable Feast preset package. Get some inspiration from Prague’s medieval architecture on the Charles Bridge where Jim uses his Million Dollar Views presets for a beautiful image. And finally, see his speed edits along the richly colored sunset waters of coastal Oregon.

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