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FX Photo Studio

Look inside Creative Kit 2016

6 award-winning photography apps, made exclusively for Mac users.
It has everything you need to create mind-blowing photos in no time.

Noiseless CK Overview

An overview of the Noiseless CK interface and functions

Remove Noise, Maintain Detail

Learn how to remove digital noise while preserving image detail

Optimizing Mobile Images

Remove noise from an image
taken with a mobile phone

Clone and Stamp Tool

Learn how to use the clone and stamp tool.

Overview of Snapheal CK

Key features and controls of Snapheal CK.

Erasing Modes Explanation

Learn the difference between the various erasing modes.

Restoring Old Photos

Repair an old photo using Snapheal CK.

Shortcuts in Creative Kit

Speed up your workflow with shortcuts in Creative Kit 2016

Extension to Photos for Mac

Use Creative Kit apps as an extension to Photos for Mac.

Plugin for LR and PS

Use Creative Kit apps as a plugin to Lightroom and Photoshop.

Transfer Images Between Apps

Transfer images easily between apps when using Creative Kit.

Focus CK Overview

Overview of the key features and controls of Focus CK

Focus CK Product Tour

Focus UI overview and insights
into the controls

Focus CK: Tilt-Shift Effect

Learn how to create a Tilt-Shift style lens effect easily

Enhance Architecture Photos

Quick&easy techniques to enhance architecture and street images

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