Say HELLO to Macphun on Windows

Luminar and Aurora HDR will soon be available on Windows.

It is now official. And we are thrilled.

Macphun has been a leading indie Mac developer for nearly a decade. We’ve enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) a super-close relationship with the Apple community.

Our photo editing software has remained in the top 10 of the Mac App Store photo categories since early 2011. We’ve had the “Best of the Year” pick for 5 years running - something no other Mac photo-editing developer can claim. We are True Believers, if you know what I mean.

So… why Windows and why now?

Our Windows engineering team was formed in late 2015 and it has been working on core architecture and other behind-the-scenes tech since then, alongside our Mac developers.

Over time… a begrudging respect has emerged between the Mac and Windows teams - the department ping-pong games became fierce, but afterward, smiles and beer are nearly always involved.

Macphun software has dramatically increased in popularity - we’re past 4,000,000 downloads on the Mac, plus Luminar just won the TIPA award for Best Imaging Software 2017.

More than that though, when we looked at the state of photo software for Windows, we saw a real gap in the market. Our “Spidey sense” (and hundreds of people) told us there was simply nothing else like Luminar or Aurora HDR on the PC.

In fact, it was one of Trey Ratcliff’s first questions when we talked with him about our dreams for a new HDR software product: “How soon can Aurora HDR ship for Windows?”

Very soon now, you’ll get a chance to experience Luminar and Aurora HDR on your PC. Moreover, the public beta of Luminar for PC will be available in July -  we’d love for you to give Luminar a test drive and help us make it as outstanding as it can possibly be.

Even though 2017 seems to be flying by, the best is yet to come. We’re super-excited to bring you cross-platform versions of Luminar and Aurora HDR, and share details about what other goodies our Research & Development team is cooking up.

Stay tuned and stay connected! 

Thanks for joining us on this wild, exciting and successful adventure.

Kevin La Rue, Vice President at Macphun Software

Kevin La Rue is a long-time executive, and senior product and marketing manager in the field of consumer and Internet software, specializing the last 10 years in the photography field. He joined Macphun in mid-2013, and prior worked with Nik Software in San Diego, California. He has a passion for family, photography, motorcycles, travel and doing good things.

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