Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the Save button in Luminar 2018 for Windows?

    It will be added in mid-January free update.

  • How to change Luminar 2018 language to English?

    For now Luminar 2018 works in the language of your system. Once you switch your OS preferences to English as your primary language and restart your computer, language of Luminar 2018 will change accordingly.

  • I’ve purchased Luminar 2018. However, it is not showed in my Macphun Account.

    Please note that Luminar 2018 will appear in My Software section of your Macphun Account only after you activate it with your license key and the e-mail you’ve used to create your Macphun Account. If that is not the case, you’re welcome to reach our support team:

  • What is the schedule of feature updates you are planning to add to the Windows version of Luminar 2018 soon?

    November 24 update:

    • Clone & Stamp tool
    • Workspaces
    • Luminosity mask
    • Image resize on export

    Mid-December update:

    • Sharpen on export
    • Merge layers & stamped layers
    • Adobe RGB wide color profile support
    • ProPhoto wide color profile support

    Mid-January update:

    • Native format saving
    • Batch processing
    • Transform tool
    • Rotate & Flip tool
    • Feather & density for masking brush
    • Export to editing apps, including Photoshop

  • How can I transfer my presets from Luminar Neptune to Luminar 2018?

    Launch Luminar Neptune and load any photo. After that, simply chose File > Show Presets Folder.... Luminar presets have the file extension .lmp.

    Presets folder contains all the presets you've added to Luminar Neptune.

    Custom folder contains the presets you've created. 

    To copy presets to Luminar 2018,  just choose File > Show Presets Folder... in Luminar 2018 and simply copy and paste desired presets (or folders with presets) from Luminar Neptune to Luminar 2018. 

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